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Engineering Qualification

Flame spread
Flame spread or surface burning characteristics rating is a ranking derived by laboratory standard test methodology of a material's 
propensity to burn rapidly and spreadflames. There are  several standardized methods of determining flame spread.

Test Methods
NFPA 255 Standard Method of Test of Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, utilizes ASTM E 84 Standard Test Method 
for Surface  Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. This test method measures  flame growth on the underside of a horizontal test 
specimen, using the  Steiner tunnel test. The result is derivation of a Flame Spread Index  (FSI), which is a non-dimensional number 
which is placed on a relative  scale in which asbestos-cement board has a value of 0, and red oak wood  has 100. Evaluation of a FSI 
by this test method does not provide a good  understanding of how fire would propagate in full scale, such as in a  room, for some materials. 
In particular, the results for materials that  drip, such as thermoplastics, are not indicative of the fire hazard as  installed on walls and ceilings 
because they tend to melt and drip away  from the underside of the horizontal ceiling in the test chamber.  Because the test method 
measures how far down the test chamber the fire  progressed, this type of "lack of fire progression" provides a  misleading FSI. In order to 
address such restrictions, a new test method  was derived, NFPA 286 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Evaluating  Contribution of Wall 
and Ceiling Interior Finish to Room Fire Growth.

NFPA 286 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Evaluating Contribution of Wall and Ceiling Interior Finish to Room Fire Growth, measures 
flame spread  in a room configuration, including fire spread along walls, ceilings,  and combinations of both. This method is more indicative 
of real world  fire hazards, and is preferred over NFPA 255, but is more expensive.  Also, test results for heat, smoke, and combustion 
product release from  NFPA 286 are suitable for use as input into fire models for  performance-based design, whereas results from NFPA 255 are not.

The Life Safety Code groups flame spread ratings into five classes. Section 803.1 of the International Building Code limits finishes for interior  
walls and ceilings to materials in just the first three classes, and  gives greater restrictions for certain rooms:

IBC A B C - -
rating 0-25 26-75 76-200 201-500 over 500

Acquired the Non-detection of Formaldehyde
Certificate in the Formaldehyde test result.
(Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Institute)

Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Institute tested the emission quantity of Formaldehyde of the environment-friendly 
Cosmos wallpapers  by the test method of KS M7305-02 and recognized the Non-detection of  them. The harmful Formaldehyde was not 
emitted in the Cosmos wallpapers  and The harmful emission quantity was innovatively reduced by applying  the products to water inks.

Acquired the KSA 9001/ISO 9001 Certification
(Korean Management Association)

ISO 9001 (ISO : International Organization for Standardization) is the standard quality guarantee system that the International Organization 
for Standardization) enacted and enforced. It is the system made by the  most reasonable way to buy the enterprise's product/service with safety  
when the customer buy the product/service. This system pursue the  security of the superior competitive force and the satisfaction of the  
customer through the total improvement of quality about the overall  enterprises.

Was selected as the promised enterprise with the bright prospect of Export (Korea Business Corporation)
It was selected by Small Business Corporation because of the exports of wallpapers to many countries such as USA, China and HongKong, ETC.

Acquired the Resist Printing Treatment Business Registration (Governor of Chungcheongnam-do)
This purpose is that the wallpaper does not easily burn by treating the organic high molecular substance that the fire risk is high with 
resist  printing. Resist printing means that it provides the delay of the time  from the risks of human life and fire with you. You have to do the  
resist printing treatment in the papers, synthetic resins(fabrics),  textiles (compact vinyl wallpaper, Curtain), Goods of main raw  materials, plywood 
or wood, partition or simple partition that is set up  to divide rooms or spaces, sound-absorbing materials or soundproofing  material that is set up 
for sound absorption or soundproof. Cosmos  wallpaper Co., Ltd is registered as the resist printing treatment  enterprise by doing the resist 
printing treatment in the manufacturing  course or the processing course of the resist printing goods with the  main raw materials of synthetic resins.

KS marked certification (Korea Standard Association)
After Cosmos wallpaper is audited for certification according to Article 1 of provision No. 17 in Industrial Standard law, 
it was approved by  certification audit standard of Korea Standard (KS), and finally is  certified by provision No.15

Acquired the environment-friendly building materials certificate (Korea Air Cleaning Association)
Cosmos Wallpaper Co., Ltd that minimizes the TVOCs emission by using the environment-friendly materials recommends 
the autonomous quality  management about the pollutant emission of the building materials and  contributes to improve the quality of 
the products  by authenticating  the emission strength of the chemical materials of the domestic building  materials production 
enterprises or the imported building materials.

ISO14001(Environmental Management System)
Certification standards in the range of requirements within the organization while meeting the systematic and continuous improvement 
activities,and  environment-friendly production activities and the product itself that  management is pursuing recognized from third party sources. 
Therefore,  our customers are getting environmentally secured products which make  their lives even more safer & happier.

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